Public Harassment: I was waiting for the bus under a station…

I was waiting for the bus under a station and I was alone. This was actually a crowded street, there were lots of cars but not many people on the sideway. And then, a very creepy man approached with a bicycle, came very close to where I was and started talking to me. I tried to not make eye contact and ignore by repeatedly saying “No”… then I realized that he was saying “Can I please eat your pussy”.

I was devastated when I recognized that he was telling me this sentence (because at first I thought he was asking for money. Then, he started to repeat this sentence over and over again. He said things like “Oh I am not a beggar, I don’t want anything else, please just let me eat your pussy, please please.” Finally, he said “So sorry for disturbing you” and biked away. I started crying after he left. I am an international student and this is my 13th day in the USA. I am so scared to use the public transit right now, I feel unsafe in this place in general. I kept thinking about what happened the whole day. This is so devastating.