Public Harassment: I passed a construction site on the way to work…

I passed a construction site on the way to work. I got the whistle several times because I wear a short uniform.

The day before yesterday, I went to a night market with my friends. She said that a man  came over and touched her hand on purpose.

Today I went shopping for groceries. My clothes were so nonsexy. A guy riding an electric motorcycle made weird voices and stared at me.I just went crazy! I yelled back and said fuck your asshole and he left.

I went to the library when I was in college, a beautiful girl ran over and told me that she had just met a guy who secretly sat opposite her and masturbated. I said don’t be afraid, I’ll take you to find him! I got your back.

My good friend also said that some days ago, she met a guy who was repairing another house for her neighborhood, who whistled at her everyday for 4 days and she yelled back.