Public Harassment: Today when I was on my way…

Today when I was on my way to Walgreens I was waiting for my turn to cross the street. I was already nervous. I felt scared not for the individual but because I get scared crossing the street. I noticed a man coming towards me and then froze because I notice that he came closer to me and he told me something like yeah baby in my right ear.

He kept on walking and when I turned around I said fucking asshole, he didn’t hear me. When I crossed the street I could see from the corner of my eye that he stared in my direction a few times then I started rubbing the right side of my nose with my middle finger just to give him a fuck you response.

At other times, I honestly just pretended like a didn’t hear anything and keep it moving just because I feel that sometimes you never know with these individuals they can be armed or more dangerous than expected.

The way I feel about today’s situation I don’t know I wish I could have just screamed or barked lol at him to fuck you!! Don’t even bother to get near me you ass whole! I would like people to know that just really feel your intent.