My friend was parked outside my home to show me the latest camping build-out she created on her Jeep. While inside her car, a young man was talking on the phone on the sidewalk loudly making racist comments against Asians, Jews, Black Jews, Arabs, Muslims and Native Americans. I was in disbelief and stared at him. I must have stared a bit too long because he acknowledged me with a “hey, how are you doing?” to which I didn’t respond and ignored him. He then goes in on me making comments that I must be racist, I have only racist white friends (the friend with the Jeep is a white female), and that Asians are deservedly being attacked lately (I am an Asian female). Also makes threats that he will be putting C-4 in my friend’s car the next time he sees it.

Unfortunately, no one walked past during this interaction or intervened, I believe it would have been helpful to have an outsider to diffuse the situation. I want to do a better job at being that person out in the world if I encounter this happening to anyone else.