I experienced a hate crime when I was in high school. I was with my brother and some of his friends. Nothing very exiting— just going to Wendy’s on a Friday night. As we were exiting our car, a couple of girls were coming out of the restaurant. When they saw me and my brother, their entire demeanor changed. They started cursing and yelling at us. It was very hateful. The last thing they said before our group—in a state of shock—entered Wendy’s was that my brother and I must be M’fing Filipinos.

After we ate, we left the restaurant and my brother’s friend was driving us home. As we were entering into a fairly treacherous, hairpin stretch of road—a place where a friend crashed his car the previous year and became a paraplegic—there was a loud pop and the car started spinning out of control. The car spun 360 degrees and more. For a few seconds, I thought I was going to die. Thankfully, the car stopped without hitting the wall. After catching our breath, we exited the car and checked the tires. We had a blow out– One of the tires was sabotaged—the valve was burned and a pin was stuck in it.