This happened in college, 2012 in Myanmar. I used to take the bus to go from home to classes and back again. There was a guy who was sitting across the aisle from me that had reached over and touched my waist for a few seconds. I was so shocked and didn’t know what to do. I noticed some people saw what had happened to me, but no one seemed to care or even asked me whether I was okay or not. So I had to stand up for myself and shouted at him, “What the hell did you do asshole!?”.

He looked at me like he did nothing wrong, ignored my question, and avoided eye contact. I wanted to slap him, but I couldn’t. Then I got off the bus as soon as I could.

If you have experienced harassment, know someone who has, or suspects someone is going to harm you or others, speak up, ask for help, or look for a way out of that situation. The response that you make may not be perfect and that’s fine. Remember your clothes, your body, and your appearances are not excuses for being harassed.