Many years ago, (90s) I was the manager of a sandwich shop. One of my fellow employees/friends was transitioning from female to male at the time. He had visible female anatomy (breasts) and a goatee. He is very kind and personable and was well-liked by fellow staff and customers. And made great sandwiches!

One day, a woman who I did not recognize came in and publicly berated him for his appearance saying that he shouldn’t be allowed to work directly with customers. We all were horrified and my friend was in tears. I told the woman she had to leave and not to return unless she apologized. She threatened to call and did call the owner of the store to complain about us and insist that we be fired; him for his appearance and me for telling her to leave.
The owner, bless his heart, told the woman, because of her behavior, she was not welcome in the store, and that we were valued employees.

My friend was quite traumatized/embarrassed by the incident at the time but I think the support from the owner of the store, his fellow employees and other customers, helped immensely.