I was standing in line waiting to enter a restaurant. There were approximately 4 other parties also in line. One party consisted of two Asian-American young women. The person taking down names for reservations took the name of a person from each party, and the # in that party, and nothing else. EXCEPT when he addressed the party of the two Asian-American women. In addition to asking for a name and the # in their party, he asked if they had been vaccinated. They said “yes, we both have”. He then asked for their card confirming their vaccinations. (In our town, we are given such a card following our second vaccination.)
No one else said or did anything, and I said to him, “I feel safe eating with them. Why don’t you?” He looked embarrassed and said he just following the policy, and went on to the next party. The Asian-American women thanked me, and I said that I was sure they would have done the same for me if I were being singled out like that, (I use a cane.)