After I took your lovely, comprehensive training, the 5 D’s really gave me tools to act in a healthy, safe, helpful way to a young woman and her 1 YO son.

The day after the training, I was masked in a Mpls grocery store, on a very brief stop for oranges for my lovely 91 YO mom. I had gotten waylaid in the parking lot by a phone call and was running behind. Still, I grabbed the oranges and took a loop through the outer edges of the grocery story en route to the check-out. At the end of an aisle stood the woman and her child. Her entire posture communicated defeat and sorrow. A man was hissing directives in her face. He walked away. She trailed behind him forlornly. I followed them to the deli. He turned and hissed again at her. I pulled my mask down and asked her, “Are you Okay?” She paused and burst into tears.

He approached us and said, “you have no idea what is going on.” I said, “No one deserves to be hissed at in a grocery store. Or anywhere.” Then, turned my attention to her. He stomped away pushing their cart. I asked her if she needed anything. She told me a bit of her story and we exchanged contact information. We have stayed in touch with infrequent, friendly, brief, uplifting texts and she now calls me her Grocery Fairy Godmother.

The biggest empowerment and helpful directive was to talk to the person being harassed, not the person doing the harassing.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Later that week, I sent her a picture of me toasting her life and safety. Thank you for the practical help and directions!!