I was flying out of the international terminal of the Abuja airport for a holiday. When I reached the emigration/customs desk, I handed the first officer my passport and green card, and he greeted me with “Hi, sexy lady.” I responded politely but not equally, automatically feeling uncomfortable. When I moved to the second agent at the same desk, she also greeted me with “Good evening, sexy lady,” and I responded the same as before. The two began asking about my love life and my husband. I informed them I was not married and had no fiancé. The two continued to ask how lonely I felt and the woman asked “How do you satisfy your urges?” multiple times. I politely responded “I’m okay, I can take care of myself, I’m all that I need,” to her multiple inappropriate questions. The male agent then smiled, leaned back in his chair, put both his hands down his pants, began to touch himself, and asked “But how do you satisfy your urges?”
I held up my hand in front of him and said “Sir, please,” then turned to solely face the woman. Both agents were laughing at me. The woman gave me my passport and I asked if I was okay to continue through to security and she laughed and waved my green card at me, indicating I couldn’t move away yet. Once she gave it to me I politely said “Thank you,” and she said “Bye, sexy lady!” and they both laughed as I left.

I felt really embarrassed and grossed out. I also felt ashamed that I hadn’t done more to try and stop it, but I was completely powerless in the situation and making a scene would probably have made things worse.