I was in an online acting class and the teacher assumed I’m Korean and that I knew how to do a Korean accent. It devolved from there:

Me: What do you mean?
Teacher: Like with the Korean language. Are you Korean? Chinese?
Me: I’m Filipino
Teacher: Oh Filipino, give me that “mgaa ga gu gaa”

Despite the fact that this has happened to me many times before, I was shocked because this was a teacher I knew for years and has seemed pretty empathetic of others.

On the outside I laughed it off because that’s what I was raised to do. I want to try to rationalize it by saying the teacher didn’t know any better. But I can’t ignore how triggered I felt from it. I tried to carry a brave face and continue with the class, but eventually I had to take a break and collect myself. It weighed heavily on me and I had a hard time focusing for the rest of class. Then my mood sunk for the rest of the day and the next.

I hope we can educate people and let them know this kind of behavior is not okay.