I was getting food at a resort buffet while on vacation. Suddenly I felt a hand go in between my legs to my vagina and rub me up to my buttocks. I turned around to see a resort employee (he was wearing a uniform and chef type hat) standing behind me with a grin on his face. My immediate reaction was to scream aloud “don’t touch me!” while I put one hand around his neck. The whole time he was grinning but not saying anything.
My husband and other resort employees came running and I let go of him, telling everyone what had happened. One gentleman said he saw the whole thing, but did nothing when he saw the man approaching me. One lady said the same man had just grabbed her breast a few minutes ago. A group of young girls said he had flashed them with his penis a few hours ago. In the meantime, the man who touched me ran off to the employee area of the resort and the other employees protected him.

The resort manager was apologetic and kept saying that employee was not “right in the head” and uses drugs. My question was why they still allowed him to work there, knowing he has this history? Also, why did others not speak up when they saw what he had done earlier that day? I never found out what happened to him. That moment is still vivid in my mind even though it occurred 6 years ago.

When I tried to report the incident, the authorities said there was nothing they could do. The resort manager said they would “deal” with the employee and offered to give us another stay at the resort (which I refused). When I tried to write a review on Trip Advisor to warn other potential guests of the resort, my review was never posted on the Trip Advisor website.

I just wish more people were willing and able to speak up and intervene to help prevent incidents like this from happening to others.