A Week In Our Shoes: Coming Together Is Just The Beginning

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Hey Hollas,

*Hold up* *hold up* *Stop the presses*

By now, you may be aware of increasing acts of hatred and violence against the Asian Community in the USA, specifically targeting Asian/Asian American elders. These violent acts of hatred are horrifying. 

We stand in solidarity with all Asian/Asian Americans in this time, with the knowledge that this is not the first time the community has been targeted during these times of pandemic. We cannot sit back and just watch communities be terrorized! The community is in need of your help and support. To attack anyone (physical/verbal) based on race & ethnicity is unacceptable and intolerable. We won’t stand in silence and inaction. Together we are powerful. Alongside our partners at Asian American Advancing Justice (AAJC), we hope our trainings empower folks to stand up against xenophobic racist harassment and by extension, disrupt the culture disrespect that leads to bullying and assault. Our training offers tools to address microaggressions and to stop harassment, which is only part of the solution for the issues the Asian/Asian American community is facing.

Would you like to learn how to take action against the recent rise of Anti-Asian harassment? Join us TODAY at our Conflict De-escalation training in partnership with the AAJC.

Bystander Intervention 2.0 Conflict De-Escalation Training Workshop.

  • February 19th, 2021. 6:00 PM ET/ 5:00pm CT/ 4:00pm MT/ 3:00pm PT/ 1:00 pm HST. Register Here

Are you looking for something slightly different? Perhaps, adding another super-power to your crime-fighting belt?

Try our Stand Up Against Street Harassment Training

  • Wednesday, February 24th, 2021. 3:00 pm ET/ 2:00 pm CT/ 1:00 pm MT/ 12:00 pm PT/ 10:00 am HST. Register Here


To add to our on-going mission to end harassment in ALL its forms, in response to the recent harassment in Harlem, NY, we are hosting a “Stand Up To Street Harassment” virtual community forum. We are inspired by the commitment to progress and solidarity of the Harlem Community. This event will be on Thursday, February 25th at 6:00 pm via Zoom. It is an interactive discussion led by experts from Hollaback!. It is absolutely  free, and open to the public. It is in partnership with the Greater New York Chapter of the Links, Incorporated, NYU McSilver Institute, and NYC Commission for Gender Equity. RSVP at http://bit.ly/stand-up-2021


Around The World


Shout Out to Hollaback! Detroit! *dances in confetti*

In the spirit of spreading life affirming joy and peace, sign up for the Love Letters for Black Folx care package exchange! We believe Black lives matter and are building a network through the mail. Give to the project or sign up to receive a package at http://bit.ly/loveletterssignup

This is a project coordinated by @thefreeblackwomenslibrary_det @bamnrevolution and @hollabackdetroit to bring simple yet radical care to the Detroit area diaspora. Care packages include simple medicinal care like tea and herbs, self-care or hygiene items, and delicious baked goods or treats and a letter written by a Detroiter. Anyone can contribute to the project no matter their identity. Packages are reserved for those who identify as Detroit area Black diaspora. #blacklivesmatter #majorityblackdetroitmatters #blackjoyisresistance #blackdiaspora #loveletters #normalizesendingloveletters #joyinthemailbox #lovelettersforblackfolx #sendinglove #black #blackpower #blackhistory #positiveaffirmations


Check out our friends at Hollaback!Croatia and their awesome video campaign which brings awareness to, and speaks against gender-based violence in all its forms. Feel free to click HERE to check out the campaign. #ujedinjene

Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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