A Week In Our Shoes: Yellow Caution Tape

From Hollaback! HQ

Cheers to a wonderful week Hollas! And we sure want to keep it that way. Sharing is caring especially in the age of technological advancements where we all need to stay safe online. But with so many social media platforms, you may not know where to look. Don’t you worry, we got your back!

In this week’s latest edition of  “A Week In Our Shoes”, we at HQ would first  like to share with you some precious gems from our very own updated HeartMob Social Media Safety Guides. This remarkable resource is user-friendly *phew!!!* ( I told you….we got you! No need to sweat.) with accessible language, that discusses the privacy policies and safety measures anyone can take on different social media platforms. The guides provide a more user-focused perspective to navigating tools to keep you safe online. You too can learn more about HeartMob and what we have to offer.  Feel free to click here to see the HeartMob Social Media Safety Guides.

Let us take ACTION to kick-start a better tomorrow.

Don’t miss our trainings next week:

Stand Up Against Street Harassment: 

Training Dates and Times:

  • Thursday, February 11th, 2021. 11:00 AM ET/ 10:00 AM CT/ 09:00 AM MT/ 08:00 AM PT/ 06:00 AM HST. Register here. 

Bystander Intervention to Stop Police Sponsored Violence and Anti-Black Racist Harassment 

Training Dates and Times:

  • Tuesday, February 9th, 2021. 05:00 PM ET/ 04:00 PM CT/ 03:00 PM MT/ 02:00 PM PT/ 12:00 PM HST. Register here. 

*Moving along gingerly… final boarding call for flight 777 to Croatia on Hollaback! Airlines, thank you*

Around The World

A Big shout out goes out to our awesome Hollaback! Charter * drumroll please* Hollaback! Croatia!


This spectacular team is currently supporting university students experiencing the terror of sexual harassment on campus through a photo campaign. These brave students are standing up against harassment by using social media in a positive way. They are choosing to hold up “You Are Not Alone” signs to support and bring a form of solidarity to women who are anonymously sharing their stories of sexual harassment at universities in Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia.

This is not a one time thing. This team is planning to host future campaigns around this topic to continue to give students the needed support. Check out some of these highlights from the current campaign. 

Let us join in on this campaign to help our friends at Hollaback! Croatia to bring heightened awareness to this matter. #NISI SAMA #NISI TRAŽILA

Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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