I have lived in my home for 20 years. Seven years after I had moved in, this family moved in next door to me. For 14 years I have endured thousands of dollars of vandalism around my property done by two daughters within this family: trees broken over, 100s of daffodils sprayed, shrubs sprayed with chemicals. The parents when I have confronted them deny these actions were caused by their daughters. The mother defiantly said: “You can’t prove it!”

In the last four years the actions have become more cruel:
– Fire alarms and motion detectors triggered in 3 instances at 3 in the morning;
– My truck was vandalized so badly that I needed to have it towed in for repairs;
– My house was broken into many times, with house, car, truck, and security keys stolen, along with some $400 of frozen foods stolen out of freezers;

This neighbor was overhead making a deal with a friend who asked this neighbor “Got my house yet?” And the reply “We’re working on it.”

Since then, this neighbor and family have embarked on harassment on all levels: using dog silent dog whistles to disturb my dogs in various hours of the day a and night; I caught the husband taking out my lawn roller out of my storage shed and then flaunting his actions by pulling it around the yard from my window; This same person has knocked over 2 retaining walls that I hired to rebuild; Now this family has embarked on torture: I no longer have tv reception because of devices used from their home that blocks TV stations viewing. I have not had had regular TV viewing since November. From their home they use some sort of a pulsating amplifier that is very disturbing to sleep through. I have done nothing to this neighbor and they take advantage of me because I am retired school employee of 39 years and a Senior Citizen. There needs to be tougher laws in place to protect against a sadistic and malicious neighbor who derive pleasure in torturing Senior Citizens. Law enforcement has been of little effectiveness in dealing with this horror.