Today I was out for my daily exercise and experienced 2 harassments. The first one happened while I was crossing the street at a traffic light crosswalk. 2 young women deliberately charged at me and one of them bashed into me using her hard purse to try to knock me over. I am a very strong and athletic older woman. It was like a body check. I am quite grounded and just kept on walking. I thought they were being childish.

The second one again happened while crossing a controlled crosswalk. 2 older men walking together and one of then yelled out…”There’s no one for you”. Again, I just kept on walking. For some reason, this verbal harassment got to me more than the body check. When I got home I called the police about the first incidence and asked if this is happening more often downtown. The occurrence of street harassment and aggression in my home town is definitely on the increase. I am finding it more and more exhausting to just go shopping downtown now. This kind of behaviour is almost a daily occurrence now. Women walking on their own are definitely the targets. It really does help to know that women of all walks of life are experiencing this increase in street harassment. It has become common place behaviour in most cities, and now, even smaller ones. Very disturbing that there is so much hatred towards others out there.