I was on a late-night run with my sister. It was around 8.45 pm. I could see a group of boys far ahead of me, and sensed something off. But I decided to ignore that feeling and go, primarily to finish off my run.
As I went ahead, one of those boys, came near me, and flashed a lewd smile asking, “You look good. I want to become your friend.” I was shocked, also frightened as I had my little sister with me. He had an accomplice, who was taller than him, and was supporting him as well. I responded saying, “I am not interested.” And I walked way, clutching my sister’s hand.
Now the taller guy, was passing comments like, “You should not have that egoistic attitude and that you could have answered politely and that what is the issue in becoming friends.”….and what not.
The point is, they weren’t finding anything wrong with this. You never ask someone, “I wanna become your friend”.
They were a huge group. And had I not ran away that day, they could have probably done anything. Street urchins, they were.
I just wanna tell everyone 2 things, that could have stopped this or made me feel better:-
1. Trust your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right or feels off at a place, turn around or run away. Don’t trust anything else.
2. Know how to respond to these situations. Equip yourself with that.
I now realize I could have said something better, thereby setting an example for my little sister.