A car full of men asked me “how much I cost” while walking home from high school. They followed me in home (a mile) in their car commenting, nudging the back of my knees with their car’s bumper, and harassing me. A woman in another vehicle started to follow close behind them and asked me if I was okay after they pulled away. I appreciated her help, but wished she’d escorted me home. After she pulled away they came back and continued to follow me home. As I tried to unlock my front door they parked in my driveway and walked up the sidewalk towards me. I was lucky that my brother was home to chase them off with a baseball bat. I want people to know that this isn’t just innocent boys will be boys. They intended to gang rape me and while one person did try to help by checking in, as a minor the police should have been called. A car full of predators tried to cause me harm and felt bold enough to try and park in my driveway and walk into my home in a busy neighborhood.