Something a powerful woman in 2020 knows how to interact with frequently. Here is my daily storytelling:
Today while out of the office for a lunch break two men told me “You look fine!” and I replied, thank you!
They waited outside the store I purchased my lunch in. When I came out, one guy said… “Your briefcase is in the way of me seeing your butt…”
To that I went toward him and asked, “What?” He repeated, saying he wanted to really see my body… “Come again? What did you say?” I asked with pure inquisition.
And then I looked at him kindly and said, “Aw… please don’t do that. I am a good person. I am a smart person. A spiritual person… An artist… There is so much more than that. Don’t objectify me.”
He said, “You know, you are right. I am very sorry. Have a good day.”
Then either he or his friend started to scream, “Hey!” as I turned away. Another voice, said, “Stop! Leave her alone.” I definitely got through to one of them. Even still, their perceptual problem shouldn’t be mine. Why must I teach them every day as a means to feel my space and create a boundary?