I was leaving the library a few blocks from my school and as I was heading to the parking lot, a man stopped me. He gripped my hand and wouldn’t let go, telling me I was pretty and asking strange questions like where I lived, what my name was, and ethnicity. I was in complete shock and couldn’t seem to move. I had seen him inside the library earlier when I was with my friends. Instantly, I had a horrible feeling about him. He would stare at us often. It made me uncomfortable but I just brushed it off and didn’t say anything to my friends. Eventually, he let go and I walked as fast as I could to my dad’s car. There’s something I can’t stop thinking about though. My dad’s car was parked in front of the plaza’s exit. I don’t know if he’d seen the man talking to me or not. I guess he didn’t because he didn’t say anything about it. A couple days later, the same thing happened to my friend. I described the man to her and she confirmed that it was him. We reported it to the librarian and unfortunately, a woman also claimed that the same thing happened to her daughter. The man was banned for a while. My friends and I stopped going there and returned months later. We never saw him again. I hope that this never happens to anyone, ever.