WorkplaceHarassment: Sexually harassed by a guy…

Sexually harassed by a guy at work (ex manager) who had always been nice to me and helpful

asked me for my number TWICE over facebook
complimented me on my photos on facebook

after I left 2 years ago –
leered at me
stared at me
looked down my tops and looked up my skirts and dresses
physically touched my body
watching me enter and leave work premises, watching me go to the bathroom
asking others for information on me
hovering around where I work
making inappropriate comments to others about me
smirking at me
staring at me at bus stop
tried to fondle me at the Christmas party just gone
threatened me not to leave the company (we still work for the same company)
gets angry when I don’t go for jobs he recommended to me
dictates what jobs I ought to go for
asked me to come back and work with him