Street Harassment: I went out to my car…

I went out to my car late at night to go over to my boyfriends house. It was around midnight and I was parked in my driveway. I was sitting in my car for a minute picking music when a man knocked on my window and told me to roll it down. Without putting it down I asked how I could help him and he asked me if I lived there. I hesitantly said yes and then he told me he was my neighbor and that he sees me a lot. I said nice to meet you and told him I had to go. He asked to get in my car. I said no. He said he needed a ride right down the street. I said I don’t let strangers in my car. Then he got defensive and said we aren’t strangers I’m your neighbor. I put my car in reverse and left, letting my roommates know that he was creeping around our house. Later found out he is not my neighbor and I don’t know what would’ve happened to me if I had rolled my window down or let him in my car.
It’s not okay that men think they can approach women when they’re alone and it’s dark and late and no ones around. It scared me.