Street Harassment: I was walking along…

I was walking along an open street in broad daylight and I walked past these two (about 35-40 year old) guys loading construction materials into their white van. As I (18) walked past them, they simultaneously stared at me dead in the eye and both had really strange smiles – I was terrified. I began to walk faster until a few seconds later one of them started shouting after me “Ay, get over here, come back!” laughing in a mocking foreign accent. At that point I ran as fast as I could, constantly glancing behind me for a white van, all the way home.

I shared this with my family and friends, who were all sympathetic and angry but I just keep wishing that I did something different, maybe photographed them or hurled an insult, because I feel upset even hours after the event and sickened and shocked by the fact that these two men found pleasure in scaring and terrorising a young adult. My perspective on walking alone is irreversibly altered.