Workplace Harassment: For two years I…

For two years I have been verbally abused by the CEO of our company. She has thrown things at me (and missed). Speaks down to me in front of others. Co workers would see it, but not say anything. Then they would come to me after a “situation” and say, “why are you still here? Why do you take that? If she spoke to me the way she talks to you I would leave!” My internal thought is ” sure you would”. She would have me fire people, I discussed it with my team, we followed through and then low and behold. It becomes my fault…and she hires the person back. I have asked several times for a job description and have not received one. I am not perfect, but I do a great job keeping clients, maintaining relationships. I can’t find another job right now, so I have to keep this one.

Everyday I feel myself trying do distance myself to protect myself. I try to clearly define roles and what I should be doing. Everything comes back to me and I get the verbal beat down. I am not sure how long I can hang in there….but I have to as a single parent. Verbal harassment and abuse are tough to prove….so really ….people go unscathed.

I feel worthless, but I know I do excellent work. I stay late to work on projects for people who do not do their jobs, but it is never good enough. I don’t want to be fired so I have to stay and find a way to deal with it. I am told to do something, and then when it is not done the way the CEO would do it, I get literally cussed out for that. If I do not include her on correspondence with a client and she finds out about an issue…I get cussed out for that. Not one person on my team believes in me and all they say is “It’s a free will state” you can always go. I just wish I could be what the company needs. People leave their jobs in the afternoon and then just pop back up, I cover them….then I get chewed out, the other person that was fired gets to have his job back.

I am the lowest paid mid level member, but I get all of the abuse. What do I do?