Street Harassment: Today afternoon I was…

Today afternoon I was out in the city center with a friend of mine, and after countless catcalls, I lost my patience. This guy pulled over and said something like “hey sexy” or something similar (I can’t and don’t want to remember it) and without hesitation, I pulled out my middle finger. Mistake number one. He then proceeded to yell “I’ll stick that finger up your a**”, and I felt so grossed out. I then ignored him and started talking to my friend.
How disturbing. My advice; don’t be violent. I couldn’t resist the temptation, but it backfired. Next time, I will ignore the gross “men” who do such, or respond in a smart way, proving that his remarks don’t hav an impact on me.
Btw, I’m currently 17 years old and I’ve recently started to wear more feminine clothes. They make me feel powerful. But then, these comments get me down and make my hate the guys. But then I remind myself of their pea-sized brain, because no decent human would do such thing.
So, in conclusion, I’d say not to be violent, and don’t let their words get to you.