Street Harassment: I was told to…

I was told to keep it to myself. It’s been a month but I’m not over it. So been looking who I could talk to about it. Hope it’s okay to share it here:
I was a late bloomer and didn’t realize someone could see me in a sexual way till I was 20. But even then there were always nice people who’d look out for me so didn’t have many people show sexual interest in me . So I never expected my professor who’s old enough to be my grandpa to see me that way… After I graduated he asked me to help out in his farm. There were supposed to be other students too. But something changed and I was supposed to come alone. It didn’t feel right but I made a promise and felt like I couldn’t back out. So I asked my mom to drive me there so that she know where I was if I needed help. She liked the professor, he was polite and acted a bit like a dad. So she left me there without any suspicion. During the week there were some uncomfortable touches. Especially on the back of my neck. I froze and don’t remember anything else. Next day during the evening he asked me to sleep together. I said “no” and he didn’t force me. But the 2 day wait till I could go home was unbearable.
I know it’s my own fault. And nothing really happened. But I can’t stop thinking about it.