Street Harassment: I identify as Asian…

I identify as Asian, queer female with disabilities. I have PTSD from past trauma of being racially bullied and physically assaulted throughout grade school and during college. As an adult racial harassment continues regardless of Covid19.
Approximately 4 years ago, I went to Seaside, Oregon for the weekend with my boyfriend at the time, who’s white. I am sharing my experience because it’s still worth telling.
We went to Beach n Brew bar to shoot some pool. I was dressed casual, modest with snow boots, we sat in the back room, ordered fish and chips. I remember the bartender was having a conversation with a group of redneck locals dressed in camo sitting at the bar. As I walked pass them to get a glass of water they started to look me up and down, jeered, making lewd remarks about my legs and other sexually offensive, racist shit.  I felt so disgusted and vulnerable, walked back to the other room and began to tell my boyfriend what just happened. Then one of the men walked up to us and asked me where I was from. I said, “New York”. Then he kept asking, “Where are you REALLY from?” Boyfriend then told him to “fuck off”. Things got heated, as if they were about to fight. We chose to leave. It was no good talking to management since they all buddied up, there was no win, It was upsetting I was the one who had to leave but at least I can share what happened, that and being told ,”Go back to your country!” on the bus months before some virus.