Street Harassment: I was delivering packages…

I was delivering packages in a less than savory neighborhood, the kind that makes my apartment look like the ritz. It was nearly nighttime, and from behind me I hear “Hey, damn you working it hard girl!” I ignored it. He kept pressing on and getting closer to my delivery van. “Hey Amazon lady! Yeah, you are a sexy Amazon lady! Mmmmhmm” I continued to ignore him, but I clutched my keys in my hand. I could feel my pulse rising and the need to get out of this situation quick. I grabbed the package I was fumbling with and slammed the side door. “Hey girl” I looked up at him with solid eye contact to indicate that it wasn’t funny, I wasn’t amused. He backed down “Welp, goodnight”. I said something like “g’night” to be polite yet firm. He finally left me alone. All of this was happening with a family present in the park.
I felt humiliated, degraded, and vulnerable. What if the family hadn’t been there? What might have happened?