Street Harassment: I have dealt with street…

I have dealt with street sexual harassment over many years on and from the moment I entered highschool. I’m 28 years old now and just am at my wits end with dealing with it. A male no older than 23 started to sexually harass me earlier today. I was heading from a Mc Donald’s but they were closed. So I headed to a store across the street from it and the man literally followed me into a grocery store just to ask me if I wanted a sugar daddy.

I told him I wasn’t interested. But the guy was hard headed and did not want to listen to a word I said. This is the worse harrassment I had ever dealt with. I am so grateful for this website because I stopped understanding how to deal with this harrassment. The men just get weirder and weirder but smarter and smarter. This by far has been the worst show of male dominance. I really am tired of this.