Street Harassment: It was my usual routine back in…

It was my usual routine back in 2013 – I rode the train after finishing another work day. I carry a book because it was a 45 minute ride. I felt that someone was looking at me. He kept staring and staring. Even during the time I had to transfer train lines, he was following me and tried to stand close to me on the platform. He stared at me in such a way that he wanted to get my attention. It made me feel uncomfortable.
When I finally made it to the stop, he got off the train as well. I made sure to walk with the crowd so that in case he made any sudden action, I would get attention.
I tried to walk faster, and I even held my phone to me and called my dad just to check where he is. I made my voice so louder so that this person would hear. Even when I walked faster, he caught up with me and tried to talk with me. He even said that his stop was 2 stops before me, and he didn’t get off because he wanted to follow me.
When I mentioned that my dad is waiting for me, he backed off.
I’m glad that I managed to get away from that. But also in hindsight, I realized that guys give ‘respect’ (for a lack of a better term in my head) to other guys. It is not the same for females.