Street Harassment: Last summer, I was walking in…

Warning: This story includes attempted sexual assault.

Last summer, I was walking in my hotel from the beach, because I needed to go changing from heavy periods and I always put my headphones on,so in the beginning I didn’t know that a guy was following me. Then I stopped, and he asked me questions like “Would u like to date?”..

I kept walking away but he followed me in the 4th floor, where my hotel room was and that’s where he grabbed me and wouldn’t let go of me.I wanted to go inside the room and lock the key,but instead he insisted to come in and “finish the job”/rape me.. I didn’t let him thought,then he grabbed me again but I managed to run away somehow..and and that wasn’t it,he had been stalking me for 2 weeks and I got catcalled every time he would see me, even though I was avoiding it. I didn’t tell anyone that day when it happened, but I couldn’t sleep at night and then I woke up sick in the morning. The police got included and the persons that I’ve trusted the most to tell the story, left me, cause they were indifferent about my pain.. I still suffer,cause it impacts in my relationships with other people and makes me scared of strangers.