Bystander Intervention: Dear friends, english is not…

Dear friends, english is not my mother tongue.
In the old times, when I was a student (1966) I often was obliged to bear street harassment. I always replied with a “bang” on man’s face.
I was young and fearless;
Every time without exception the man escaped being staggered.
Now I am 73! when I see a young person in situation of harassment, I go close to her and say:
“Hey My niece, nice to meet you”.The young person understands immediately.
We walk together during 5 minutes and the stupid person goes away.
This happens always on an empty street. The young girl is very surprised to be saved by a grandma of about 1,58 m and 50 k.
Once a man was very sticky and did not want to leave.
I shouted at him putting a spell on him. It worked!