Street harassment: Trash thrown at me, comments made (2019)

I was walking in full dress and tip jar heels (dancer type high heels) over to the karaoke bar from up the street i saw this congregation of people. I think it was first someone made a comment, or they were taking up the entire street and i slowed to see what was going on. I know comments were made which I think were about me. And I had a vibe of feeling afraid. I know shortly after things like trash was thrown at me. And I felt given long enough it might escalate. It wasn’t bad but could have been very different.

Bonus: same place possibly same night, the staff at a bar stated that inside the bar people had made negative comments about me and were filming. I think they asked if i knew or consented, i had not. He stated if i had a problem to speak to the management next time and they would put an end to it. The place generally is openly blatantly affirming of everyone. (Gender neutral bathroom, staff includes gender non conforming people) so they had my back.