Street Harassment: I’m a 14 year old girl, I live in a smallish town…

I’m a 14 year old girl, I live in a smallish town, I was going on a morning run wearing leggings and a normal sports singlet with a sports bra underneath, I was listening to my music running when I hear someone honking so I took my music out and saw two men around 18-20 with the window down the driver was honking and the man was shouting at me, nice ass and tits then speeding off laughing.

I didn’t understand what just happened and just stood there in shock I was so scared by this point so I sprinted back home getting nervous every time I saw another car drive past thinking they were thinking the same thing, I got home sat in my kitchen processing what just happened thinking do I tell my mum or do I shut up . It happens to so many other girls so is it really worth speaking up about, even if I do say anything what could my mum do, I thought it was best to just keep quiet because my mum would of really worried about me and she already worries enough.

So I just accepted it and tried to move on trying to normalise it in my head but I realised I shouldn’t have to just accept it, what they did was wrong and I shouldn’t just shut up because they overpowered me in that moment doesn’t mean they overpower me and my voice forever. This shouldn’t be normalised in girls lives but we still get told ‘oh when you walk past a group of boys look away’ and block everything out, or when you wear something revealing you are asking for someone to honk or whistle and that you have to hide yourself because men can’t keep it in their pants. I told my mum and I’m trying to work through how to get over the anxiety I get when I run.