Street Harassment: Why would anyone thing that a woman…

Why would anyone think that a woman hiking alone with her dog is looking for trouble, simply because she enjoys nature? It’s frustrating.

There’s this old man who keeps a small farm in the hills where I walk nearly everyday and he just blatantly asked me to have sex with him. I thought I was going to faint.

We vaguely know each other because I spend so much time in the area and he sees me going past his farm and on to the woods all the time. We used to say hello and chat, and he would sometimes offer me stuff he’d produced on his farm. I thought he was just being nice, I even tried to decline his offer, I wanted to pay for the produce, but he refused and insisted that I take it, seemingly very content to give it away like that. So I figured he was genuinly kind.

He would sometimes ” joke” about liking me or asked if I would take him on one of my walks, but I brushed it off as a silly old man trying too hard to be funny.
I had a major red flag that I just can’t believe I dismissed too easily. About a year ago he kinda tried to touch my breasts, claiming that he wanted to brush something from my shirt. I managed to stop his hand and push it away before touching me.

The last straw was when he overtly made the proposition that I make love to him (in his own words), completely out of the blue. I angrily told him no, he said it was a joke, then I almost shouted at him that you don’t joke about such things. He tried to plead with me about it, but I turned my back and stomped away. I also began ignoring him and going on different trails.

I just felt so disappointed and angry that someone had thought he could buy me like that with small ” gifts” just because I’m a wanderer.