A Week In Our Shoes: Be The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

From Hollaback! HQ

Good Morning World. It’s Friday! Whew what a week! This pandemic has impacted many of us emotionally and mentally. COVID-19 has slowed down regions all around the world. What can we do? The answer is “adapt”. What does this all mean? Self-care!!! *breathe, stay calm and have a self-care regimen* 

Many people are working remotely and following CDC safety guidelines because our health comes first, but we are also needing to engage in SELF-CARE. By doing this, folks could feel better mentally, physically and emotionally. How do we do this during a crisis? Check out our infographic to get some awesome tips from us. 

What’s more? Hollaback! has worked with Social Misfits Media, an organization which assists other businesses/organizations/charities/non-profits in creating and implementing dynamic social media strategies. We had the opportunity to work with this driven business in producing an infographic on dealing with issues of online harassment. Here is the updated infographic for those who need it:

Also, Hanna Brennan, Senior Manager at Social Misfits Media, provided some tips on how to tackle unwanted online comments. To read more about this, feel free to click here.

RECAP! Jackie Miller, Partnerships Director of Hollaback! hosted a very informative, online “Bystander Intervention Training Session in the Workplace”, yesterday. During this interactive session, folks gained a wealth of knowledge and were able to apply that information to a number of scenarios. This unique training session was able to spark the interest of a few businesses across the world, allowing Jackie to delve into deeper conversation with folks after the session. Kudos Jackie, for doing such an incredible job! You made the entire team proud! Look out for the next “Bystander Intervention Session” and other awesome updates from us @ihollagram on Instagram. Eager to register your business for a training session? Feel free to contact us by clicking here or at [email protected] 


Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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