A Week In Our Shoes: Quarantine & Chill


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Many of us have been working remotely due to the ongoing Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has shed light on all of the social and racial inequality issues that exist across the world, which impacts us in more ways than we think. This pandemic brought both the best and WORST out of people. While harassment still exists on the streets, it also exists via social media through “funny” TikToks, memes, and other posts. #Coronaracism is becoming more rampant and utterly disturbing each day. It is disheartening and traumatizing. Many folks, especially people of Asian descent have been physically and verbally abused and attacked for existing, kicked out of public transportation and places due to racial stereotypes or an innocent “non-corona” sneeze. Here is an example, one of our survivors shared with us.

This is an example of harassment targeting Asian-americans. Harassment like this is RACIST and DIVISIVE. Having to mentally prepare to walk the streets for a quick run to the supermarket during this trying time is nauseating having to deal with ignorant bystanders. What are your thoughts on this story? Have you seen or heard of other issues similar to this? We need to stand in solidarity for what is right! We are not advocating for improper hygiene but we need to treat people like human-beings. Share your stories with us. We are always here to listen. We’ve got your back! 


Come “Quarantine and Chill” with us. Join Hollaback! For a free, 30-min, live, virtual demo of our “Bystander Intervention in the Workplace Training” and experience for yourself why our training is different. Not convinced? What do you have to lose? All I see are gains because during this time, it is wise to acquire as much knowledge as you can. This may be the new window or approach you’ve been looking for or, it may just be a strategic move. See you, March 26th from 2pm-2:30pm ET. Click here to register or visit this link https://zoom.us/meeting/register/uZwof-uvqD4oTqvTChcYijsYOs77lgk7SA.


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Asha, WIOS Editor

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