Street Harassment: I was just walking home…

I was just walking home, heading west on Clinton from Formosa. A young guy wearing a blue camouflage hoodie, hat and jeans was sitting on his bike on the sidewalk near the corner of Martel and Clinton. His jeans were super low, his entire ass was hanging out and he’s wearing blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs. He started following me and yelling to me “hey, hey- you have a boyfriend?” I ignored him and he turned onto Gardner ahead of me. I thought he was gone but as I passed Gardner he was waiting for me behind the corner, started following me again and said “you have a boyfriend, sexy?” This time I said “yeah, I do” and kept walking and he said “does your boyfriend have this??” And pointed down to his crotch, I refused to look and just kept walking but he stopped his bike in a driveway off Clinton on my path and shouted “LOOK!” His penis was in his hand. I barely acknowledged it and ignored him and walked faster. He sat back there for a second but then he rode his bike back up onto the sidewalk and started following me again. Luckily, at the next block I they were doing construction and there were about 3 construction men so I turned and walked towards them and they saw me and came toward us so the guy rode off quickly heading north toward melrose. I cut south to rosewood and seemed to be in the clear and then he reappeared again at Spaulding and rosewood. Luckily there were a lot of people outside and workmen at that corner, so he just smirked and shouted at me “hi – it’s me again, hey sexy.” And I cut up a driveway till I saw he was gone. Ladies- beware. He’s aggressive and the only reason I think I made it without incident is because of the construction guys and that so many people were outside. He seemed young, likely late teens or early twenties. Tan complexion, dark hair. Unsure of race- not white, not black, tan complexion with dark hair. Hoodie and bike looked expensive, he just seems like another normal, young guy on a bike. But he’s persistent and predatory- beware. Reporting incident to police.

Person 1
Hair: Dark hair, baseball cap
Top: Blue camouflage hoodie
Bottom: Jeans with blue CK briefs hanging out
Shoes: Unsure

I have reported this information to the police.