Street Harassment: I’m posting this so everyone knows…

I’m posting this so everyone knows there is another victim.

On Friday, March 6th this young man followed me and sexually harassed me for several blocks while I was walking dogs. He would not leave me alone, and would not take the hint that I wanted him to go away. He kept riding away on his electronic scooter bike and then following me about 1/2 a block behind me. Every time I looked behind me, he was right there, and then he would ride up and pressure me to give my number to him. It really fucking scared me because I could not shake the guy. It escalated with him saying, “I just want you to have young sex.” At that point I yelled at him to leave and ran up to my client’s house to get away from him. I thought he had taken off, but he ended up following me to the back of the secluded house and started taking his pants down and masturbating at me. This is NOT OK! I’ve been dealing with the aftermath since Friday. Many women are being terrorized by this guy. Police and the Wheels company need to work together to catch this guy. There has to be some way to track him down through the electric scooter company. Get this guy off the streets!! He’s dangerous and it’s escalating. PS: he has gone back to the house looking for me!!!

I have reported this information to the police.