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Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter, “A Week In Our Shoes”. Hollaback! Stands against all forms of harassment. Due to the “CoronaVirus / COVID-19” pandemic, we urge you to stay safe and EDUCATED. Many people have been harassed verbally or physically and brutally beaten by racist mobs over Coronavirus accusations. The COVID-19 crisis does not have a race, gender or sex. This virus could attack anyone. Hollaback! has a zero tolerance policy towards perpetrators of harassment. Instead, wash your hands and don’t be RACIST. Racism is not a safety measure for the virus. Please do not be IGNORANT.

 Check out an infographic below for some tips on how to effectively wash your hands to keep you and your family safe.

In other news, one of our missions is to create a safe space for you, in a world where harassment happens everywhere. With our newly launched Stand Up Against Street Harassment campaign in partnership with L’Oreal Paris, we are committed to creating an effective solution for intervening when witnessing street harassment and harassment in public spaces. How? On the campaign’s website, we have a free 5 minute digital training session, where you will be equipped with all our tips and guidelines so that we could make the world a better place. 


Stand Up Against Street Harassment Manifesto

#WeStandUp Against Street Harassment with #Hollaback! and #LOrealParisThe time had come to keep our heads up. Hollaback! in partnership with L’Oreal are launching STAND UP to help combat street harassment. Get trained today through the link below and learn how you can join the fight and keep your head up in hard situations.#InternationalWomensDaystandup-international.com

Posted by Hollaback! on Sunday, March 8, 2020


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Asha, WIOS Editor

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