A Week In Our Shoes: Are We Blind?


From Hollaback! HQ

Uh Oh! A #HollabackAlert? Tisk..tisk tisk…..*shakes my head* . It’s disheartening to highlight another cavity contributing to the decay of society. An inexcusable incident recently occured at our intern`s school, in NYC. Due to the nature of the situation and respect to the victim’s family and friends, we are publicly not going to disclose any information about this situation. In this regard, our Hollaback! Team would like to bring attention to the prevalence and normalization of violence against children and teens. This requires immediate and careful attention! Let us declare in one voice that we will promote zero tolerance in casting a blind-eye to such heinous crimes. As concerned citizens, let us pledge to assist to make society a better place for EVERYONE. With that being said, Hollaback! Activist, Sophia Tomasulo created a petition to shed light upon sexual abuse issues in schools. This is a fight for transparency, respect, and communication. Gender-based violence impacts everyone, but especially, women, girls and children. To find out more about Sophia`s work, click HERE. Let’s take action!#speakup #zerotolerance

Speaking of action and solutions to systemic issues,  join us for a 30 minute, FREE Mini Bystander Intervention in the Workplace Training , March 10th, 2pm-2:30pm ET.

In other news, Hollaback! is on the move. “Each one, teach one.” Our Co-Founder and Director, Emily May and the Hollaback! Team was able to reach 600 in Florida with our unique training sessions. Great job! 

Around The World


Shout out to Hollaback! Jakarta for doing such a great job in the activism realm! Although, we have mentioned that this team co-hosted an annual Women’s March Jakarta Poster Making event on Feb 29. We would like to highlight it again and celebrate that it was a great success! Can`t wait to share with you all the pictures with the art/posters in action in the march. 

Also, remember the “Is our public space safe?” discussion that Hollaback! Jakarta (represented by Raisha), Aliansi Laki-laki Baru and Exa Exensia were invited to? It was another win for the Jakarta Team. *inserts high-five* Interesting to note, that the majority of the attendees were Urban Planners and Architects. Here’s an insider sneak peak of this discussion. Check out the photo!  



Making Hollaback! Moves! Jakarta is on a roll because we aren’t done with their updates. One of their team members presented to 60 high school students from 3 different islands in Indonesia about “Bystander Intervention” at the Borneo Initiatives Youth Camp. The theme of this event was “Creating a Kinder World.” Being an active bystander is definitely a step towards creating a kinder world! 

Lastly, the Hollaback! Jakarta team had a great opportunity to be featured by the UNAIDS. In this story, they delved into Hollaback! Jakarta`s work on ending harassment against women. Feel free to check out this exclusive. Click HERE for the details. 

Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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