HOLLA ON THE GO: I have one event that doesn’t sit well…

I have one event that doesn’t sit well with me to this day. I have no problem standing up in my community, in my workplace etc. But, we had a group of women from my federal agency all spending a long weekend in Las Vegas once. We were having a great time after a show, walking down the strip, and suddenly we noticed a confrontation in front of us. A young woman walking between two men and the two men were just berating her over and over. At one point, one of them shoved his hand over and knocked her in the side of her head. I really wanted to do something, but we’re in a crowded space in a city with a reputation for crime, I couldn’t see any law enforcement anywhere and I was afraid they could have weapons in their baggy pants. My cell phone is buried in my purse. I’m 5’10 over 200 lbs, and the women in my group were much shorter and smaller and as I looked back to see their reactions, I noticed they had sort of shrunk into a line behind me. So, to do anything, I probably would’ve been on my own. I told myself, “If he puts one more hand on her, I’m doing something (no clue what that would have been!) The crowds got so jumbled we ended up losing them, but I’ve always wanted to redo that and go put my arm around this young woman and lead her away from these guys. No matter what someone does, they don’t deserve to be treated that way, ever.

Any thoughts on that?