A Week In Our Shoes: It’s A Hollaback! Party!

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Wednesday…..Thursday…..FRIDAY!!! FRIDAYYY!!! The FRIDAY countdown is finally OVER!!!  It’s time to sit back, relax and delve into the latest updates from Hollaback!, of course. This Friday in “A Week In Our Shoes”, we at HQ would like to invite you all to a screening party with us. Remember last week Friday, when we highlighted that our Founder, Emily May, was interviewed by Janelle Hartman at the “Gotta Run with Will” Show on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network? Well, for those of us who missed out on the VIP opportunity to be there in person, don’t  worry because we got your tickets…. well …more like a link access to the show. Grab those snacks and click here to view this insightful episode where you could learn the various strategies to confront street harassment and assault from experts. 

What’s more? Let’s talk about solutions to ending injustices! We need to educate ALL folks on how to safely intervene when someone you know or a stranger is being harassed without having to phone the police authorities. Shout out to the Vice Newsletter for highlighting our 5D’s on Bystander Intervention. These are easy steps that everyone should take on how intervene when you see harassment happening. We are each other’s business. This is the type of energy we need to keep up to fight  against issues of harassment. Thanks again, Vice Newsletter for sharing our content and promoting our Bystander Intervention Trainings. Feel free to check out this article by clicking here for a deeper dive through a personal reflection on bystander intervention and more. 

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Shout out to Hollaback! Jakarta for keeping up the good work that they do!  Check out their Co-director, Fitri MS Panggarbessy, in an article by Kumparan. For those of you folks who do not know what or who is Kumparan, here is a fun fact about them. 

“Jakarta-headquartered Kumparan is a collaborative media platform which combines online news with social media. Like many other media firms, Kumparan targets Indonesia’s millennial audience. It emphasizes on citizen journalism, allowing readers to become news providers and connect with each other on the site.” – Tech In Asia

Feel free to click here to read the article Against Taboo, Women Are Now More Courageous” where not only was Hollaback! Jakarta’s Co-director featured (for her role in raising awareness to harassment)  (Hip Hip Hooray! x3) but also it highlighted the role of education for women to speak up, voices of women in politics, courage to fight sexual harassment and much more. 


Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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