HOLLA ON THE GO: I was at work in line…

I was at work in line with 10 coworkers to wash my hands. When it was finally my turn at the sink I started to wash my hands when the guy behind me reaches around me as if he was going to wash his hands at the same time. I was really surprised and didn’t realize he was behind me in line.
I know his name, but don’t know him enough to consider him a friend. He comes off friendly and professional when you initially meet him, but there’s something “off” about him once you’re around him enough. He’s a foot taller and older. He was playing it off as a joke but, even though he didn’t physically touch me, it made me feel REALLY uncomfortable. I’m still not sure how to label these “non-contact” physical things that make me feel uncomfortable and I don’t know what I can do about them.
I just made a point to avoid being in his vicinity and talking to him unless I absolutely had to for work. A lot of my other coworkers (female AND male) also feel uneasy around him.