HOLLA ON THE GO: Everyday I’m getting cat called…

Everyday I’m getting cat called. I feel so uncomfortable waiting for the bus to go to work or home. Men stare at me, tell me I’m beautiful, wink, whistle. One time last year a group of guys tried getting my attention and yelled at me while they drove past. One man stopped and asked me if I was Puerto Rican ( I am but I lied and said no) he was “shocked” and told me wow I’m big that’s why he asked (I was wearing a dress) I never wore that dress again. I’m always getting told to smile. A couple months ago (this happened more than once) someone told me I was beautiful and a bystander said “When someone tells you your beautiful take it as a compliment. Say thank you”
There are so many other things that have been said to me. I’m tired of being harassed by men on the street. Their looks and words are so uncomfortable.