A Week In Our Shoes: The Future is OURS. Let’s take CHARGE!

From Hollaback! HQ

The weekend is LOADING…….; and you know what that means? Pure relaxation and a great read from Hollaback! Of course. Let’s check out what’s going on around the world with us, shall we? 

Oh wait. Before we delve in, we at HQ would like to encourage you to join our “Mini Bystander Intervention in the Workplace”, Jan 21st from 2-2:30pm. This training is absolutely free, online and only 30 minutes. To register, click HERE and see why our trainings are different. 

We’re not done yet. We will be sharing something new on our page. This page would include case studies on how to reduce incidents of harassment and sexual assault on public transit. Check it out HERE. Let us know what you think.

Around The World

The Bahamas

If you missed out on the “Women’s Wednesday“ session on “Community Care, Post Hurricane Dorian”, well we’ve got news for you. This intriguing session was specially recorded to cater to everyone who could not physically be there. Click HERE to view. What’s more? Here is a “Fun Fact” about “Women’s Wednesdays”. Women’s Wednesdays” officially started in May 2017. It highlights Bahamian women and their experiences in The Bahamas based on gender, race, sexuality, age, and ability. The aim of this event is to not only unite women but bring about conversation family, community, and national narratives to ignite change.


“Multiple Grammy award-winning indie/folk band, Bon Iver, brought their 2 A Billion initiative on their Asia tour this month, shining a light on gender equity by opening auctions to support organisations providing services for survivors and advocate for a future without domestic violence.” – Secret Signals

The auction proceeds went to AWARE Singapore, Freedom Restoration Project in Thailand and last but not least Hollaback! Jakarta!  Shout out to Hollaback! Jakarta! We see you!



In other news, read the new story shared on our Oxford site.”I am sick of this sense of contempt for women and entitlement to behave as they please…” Click HERE for the rest of the TEA and feel free to share some of your concerns when it comes to this topic.



Do you think it’s time that folks expose the nuances of “masculine privilege” and oppression politics? Or are you heated about the current social overview on gender or feminism? Are you just sick and tired of some of the issues we face on a daily basis? ENOUGH is ENOUGH.   Hollaback! Detroit  is the plug right now. How so? They will be hosting “Enough is Enough – Call for Art” event, Feb 7th from 12- 5:30pm. This event will allow you to vent your frustrations through art. For more information, click HERE.


Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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