A Week In Our Shoes: Reeewind!!!

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Feel that? That’s Friday. It is officially the second week in January and let’s face it; some of us are struggling in creating new habits or even unsure on the steps to take in achieving our set goal. We at HQ would like to encourage folks to take a step back or retreat, I should say. When an individual does this step, it allows them to not only get a chance to refocus and better redistribution of power for change but to look into the things of the past that would provide a better outlook on oneself, social change and the list goes on. Let’s do this together! Shall we?



Dec 1st, Hollaback! Cuenca joined the action #UnVioladorEnTuCamino #ElVioladorEresTú in the Calderón Park. Being a part of such powerful protests against gender-based violence speaks volumes. These protests heavily scrutinized the sexual violence and abuse many women face. This became a global feminist anthem uniting women to stand up for their rights. Far too long, too many tears have trickled down the faces of women due to sexual violence. These actions educate women to not only stand up for their rights but to realize that the violence they received was never their fault. With that being said, being a part of these feminist actions have broadened the scope of harassment for Hollaback! and thus we were able to reach many of you!


Dec 1st, Hollaback! Belfast , their directors Elaine and Helen were interviewed by NvTv and spoke about the importance of young women and girls knowing that gender-based violence and harassment is unacceptable on ALL levels. For more information, click here. This showed us that this form of activism had a great turn out  and outreach at an early age would help curb some of the social ills. 


Dec 6th, 9th and 17th were crucial dates for Hollaback! Ottawa. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Dec 6th marked the 30th anniversary of the misogynistic Montreal Massacre where many persons were killed.

Dec 9th was day where Hollaback! Ottawa called out politician Rick Chiarelli resign due to the numerous accounts by women some of which were former staff members and job seekers for sexual harassment in the workplace.

Dec 17th Hollaback! Ottawa shared some exciting news. They announced that THIS MONTH ( Jan 17th), they would be hosting #ChaiChat with the organization, Leading In Colour. “Chai Chats are intimate social gatherings focused on promoting community-care and support among Black, Indigenous, and racialized women and non-binary civic leaders. We will be joined by Cherie Wong who will be reflecting on her journey as a millennial woman in politics.” Sounds like it’s up your alley? Feel free to RSVP by clicking HERE.

These dates are considered crucial because we are reminded of our mission to advocate for people to stand up for their rights and to not be afraid to call out or even protest against some of the many plagues which exists in society. 


What are your thoughts?


Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor


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