HOLLA ON THE GO: I started a new job in a government…

I started a new job in a government facility (as a contractor) a few months ago. One of the security guards in the building started taking a special interest in me. Obviously, his job is to notice when people walk in and out of the building, but I started noticing his unwanted behavior when he asked me for my name. Being respectful, I smiled and asked him for his too. He then started saying “good morning” and “good bye” and emphasized my name every single time I saw him. I also noticed he wanted to start a conversation with me, but can’t because he has to check other people walking in. I then started to take the back door entrance, and avoided the doormans so that I can just focus on getting in and out of work. However, if I didn’t see him or say goodbye to him, he will still make sure that I hear his voice every day by saying goodbye through the intercom as I walked out the back door each day, even when I was on the phone or had headphones in.

I eventually reported this to my colleagues, supervisors, and a senior associate. However, my company wasn’t able to do anything in the end because the guard was an employee of a different contractor.