HOLLA ON THE GO: At a local public library…

At a local public library, my children (girls) were using the computer as they would normally, and keeping their voices at respectful volume.

A male security guard walked over to us, and requested that my children not speak. Literally, demanding that I prevent my children from speaking.
I was appalled at the request.
Then angered, by the sheer boldness of it.

I maintained my composure.
I corrected him, and indicated that my children were allowed to speak. I added that as long as their voices remained quiet and there was no yell.. (Which there would not be, my kids would continue to speak to one another.)

I urged my kids to wrap up their time and visit to avoid further tension and so we did.

Upon returning, intentionally, the same security guard made his way toward our section.

I did not think much of his presence.

Although, I kept watch. I assumed there would be no issue. My kids know to be respectful and follow the rule. (Perhaps, this person was having a stressful day the last visit.)

My kids left pieces of a puzzle on a floor mat and went to a computer. This was something, I didn’t notice. Soon, we prepared to leave. This guard, rushed to the desk of the librarian and attempted to engage her in a tactic to rant about my kids leaving puzzle pieces.. Really?

I immediately recognized the pattern unfolding. Maintaining my wits, I calmly mentioned it to one of the kids. Together, they took care of the puzzle pick up. Responsibly and without hesitation.

There was a young boy who ran around and played in close proximity to my girls. This guard did not utter a word. This child was literally running through the library. However, my girls are “forbidden” to speak?

Upon exit, I mentioned it to another staff person and that I would be making a report.

It would be a violation of a basic human right to prevent an innocent child from learning and having access to the fundamental resources offered at the public library.

It is quite unfortunate that this individual has chosen to carry out targeted actions that can now be labeled as a form of bullying, female bias and chauvinism.

I reported the matter to the executive office of the library. The version here is a brief of that. The report received no response or acknowledgement. Not even an auto attendant.

The message that sends.. females don’t matter, at least not as much. I’m b****ch** Yup, for good reason. The bigger picture is, if I don’t bark about this now.. It will be even more brazen later.

During research, I learned this security company has a history of female harassment, discrimination cases, so forth, with its employees. The numbers don’t scratch the surface. Many are too afraid to come forward.

Before I was a Survivor, I was a victim.. My journey, led to advocacy for others. The light behind darkness is the now and using voice for change. (Even if it’s a little at a time.)

Disrespect of women (and children) especially females, is so common place in society. Its sad.

Many of us don’t even recognize our rights have been violated. Others are too intimidated to report, have no support or don’t know how to react when it occurs.
Until we stand, it will not stop.. Thank you for listening