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Shout out to Hollaback! Jakarta for representing Hollaback! at the Feminist Festival 2019 and their contributions to fighting against harassment. At this festival, the Jakarta team was able to educate the folks on Bystander Intervention via flyers, discussion panels and even a workshop session. What’s more? Half of the Hollaback!Jakarta team is also part of the “Jakarta Feminist Discussion Group” that made the event possible and made the event a tremendous success. Once again, this team effort was greatly appreciated. 

Tis the season, the gift that keeps on giving. Hollaback! Jakarta has also hosted another Bystander Intervention Workshop at the IFI Thamrin. It brings us such great joy to not only educate people on dealing with harassment, but the growing interest worldwide as it is a prevalent issue which must be kicked to the curb. PSA! Shout out to Angie for the translation. Three cheers for Hollaback! Jakarta team! Hip Hip Hooray ! x3



In other news, we want to give a major Shout Out to Hollaback! Cuenca for being a part of  #UnVioladorEnTuCamino #ElVioladorEresTú in Calderón Park, December 1st and marching in Azogues for Nonviolence against Women and Girls November 25th. Thank you all for doing such an awesome job and inspiring others around you. 



Shout Out to Hollaback! Madrid for representing Hollaback! in their magazine feature by Pikara Magazine. They have expressed not only their dedication to fighting against street harassment but about the laws in several other countries with regards to criminalizing such behaviour. With that being said, they highlighted the importance of training and prevention of street harassment and the mandates of Hollaback!. Also, our Hollaback! Madrid team was part of a feminist protest to spread awareness on issues women face daily.



Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre and now a national remembrance day on violence against women.  On this day, we remember an inconceivable evening where a young man roamed into Montreal’s Polytechnique Engineering School with a rifle and shot 14 women, injured 14 others and then shot himself. This was all driven by misogyny. We at Hollaback! cannot even begin to fathom this vile and intolerable hate crime towards innocent bystanders. To stand in solidarity against an egregious crime against human rights, join Hollaback! Ottawa and The Women`s Events Network at the annual vigil. This will be held at Minto Park at 6pm, followed by a procession to Canada’s National Arts Centre “ for a feast and all Indigenous panel on #MMIWG2S.” – Hollaback! Ottawa


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